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    Owning a car is a great luxury, but maintaining it and protecting yourself and your family from unexpected accidents and losses is equally important. To avoid huge financial losses incurred in an accident, you must own automobile insurance, but fear not, cheap car insurance in Gary, IN is available that will suit most any budget thanks to Indianacarinsurancequotes.net.

    Save money and efforts on average city car insurance quotes

    Before issuing insurance, Gary insurance companies consider many factors that affect premium rates. A few of the factors such as your age, gender and marital status are unchangeable. Other factors like where you live, the type of vehicle you own, driving record, credit score, driving habits and accident claims are changeable and can influence the rate of the premium.

    Factors Influencing Car Insurance in Gary, Indiana

    As per the state laws of Indiana, vehicle insurance must cover bodily injury liability of $25,000 and property damage liability of $10,000. Automobile insurance in Indiana is $1,516 and in the county where Gary is located, Lake County, average insurance is $1,536. The average vehicle insurance in Gary costs around $1,622 annually and the following statistics will show you why.

    • Location — The area in which you live helps determine the rate of the premium. Places with higher cost of living, rural areas, areas prone to auto theft, suburbs and some other areas have variable rates. Usually, the zip codes with a huge population face higher premiums. Gary has a population of more than 80,294 which equals out to almost 1,600 per square mile. Therefore, premiums are in coordination with the size of the city as per the state laws. In addition, where you park your car, garage or on the street, is taken into consideration when calculating your premium.
    • Driving to Work — The rate of commuting is taken into consideration to calculate your automobile insurance. Those who drive during the peak hours regularly need to pay higher premiums while those who use it for leisure purposes or occasionally can expect to pay a lower premium. This is because peak hour drivers are more prone to accidents. The average travel time to work in Gary is estimated to be about 25 minutes. As per the state records, fatal accidents per every 100,000 are 12.9.
    • Auto Thefts — A stolen car can increase premium rates. In the United States, a car is stolen every 28.8 seconds. Expensive and attractive cars are the ones that are usually targeted by thieves. In addition, huge cities with too much traffic become theft prone zones. Stolen cars are usually dismantled and sold either separately or given a facelift and then sold. Therefore, before quoting the rates, a company looks into your car’s make, model and age. Anti-theft device installed and any other measures taken by the owner to ensure complete safety of the vehicle can help decrease insurance premiums. In the year 2009, there were 846 auto thefts recorded per 100,000 persons.
    • Education — If you are well educated with an associate or master’s degree, then you are likely to be charged a lower premium. Your level of education is directly or indirectly associated with your driving skills. Around 35% of drivers in Gary have High school Diplomas and 12 to 13% have a Bachelor’s Degree.

    Even if you are unable to qualify for the cheapest vehicle insurance, you can certainly save a lot by observing the factors that determine the cost. It is never too late to work on trying to decrease your insurance premium. Visit indianacarinsurancequotes.net and enter a few basic details to get instant online quotes.

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