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    Average Evansville Car Insurance Quotes – Save Up to $300 A Year

    In general, average vehicle insurance premiums in Evansville can reach up to $1,282 a year. There is no doubt that this is a hefty sum of money for almost everybody. This fee is precisely the same as paid throughout Vanderburgh County, and a thrifty 15 percent below the average rate throughout the whole of Indiana.

    Insurance Factors — how much can you expect to pay for car insurance in Evansville, IN?

    Insurance companies will calculate your premium based on a variety of influential factors. Naturally, every driver has a different financial situation and different driving habits, so not every person will pay the same flat rate. Some of these factors include:

    • Location – The unfortunate truth is that motorists driving in areas with higher population densities will need to pay higher premiums. Logically, with more people there will be more traffic and this has an effect on the safety of the driver. There are approximately 117429 people living in Evansville with a population density of about 2885 people per square mile.
    • Driving to Work – In general, motorists who regularly drive during peak traffic hours will pay higher insurance premiums. So chances are if you drive to and from work during the regular hours, you will be paying a slightly higher premium than a housewife, for example. In Evansville, the average work commute is around 10-20 minutes and there were around 14 fatal accidents per 100 000 people in 2009.
    • Auto Thefts – Some drivers run a higher risk of auto theft than others. In larger cities, instances of theft are much higher than in small communities. Of course, popular car and truck models and makes are more likely to be targets of theft than others. An anti-theft and tracking device can certainly assist in lowering an insurance premium, so there is always hope for motorists living in metropolitan areas. In Evansville there were 210 cars stolen in 2010.
    • Education – Sometimes, the fact that education comes into play on an auto insurance quote, comes as a surprise to motorists. The fact of the matter is that a person with a college degree may be able to enjoy a significant discount on his or her insurance premium. In Evansville, close to 25% of the town’s residents have acquired a bachelor’s degree which is almost 6% higher than the rest of the state.

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